Trip with Auntie Jill.

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Note to self. It takes 1.5 hrs to get out of the door. Got to the end of mass pike, 1 hr. Will do coffee soon. 5:30a.m.


Once upon a time there were 2 women with a desire for travel and a history in adventure. As an added benefit they were related.
Auntie Jill and the niece Denise were old hippies! The niece Denise grew up under auntie Jill’s wild wings.
So they both knew this trip would have 95 stories.

Auntie Jill arrived from Maine and their trip was about to start. Immediately upon her arrival, the dining room table was strewn with maps, GPS, and computers. Auntie Jill said “Denise, the first two days are yours, my only goal is to be at Debbie’s by 5pm! It had been snowing in Massachusetts for two weeks with record breaking snow fall of 7ft in 10 days. They had to be sure their timing was accurate missing the next storm coming their way. So the decision was made to leave very early.


Sunrise, our first stop, Lighthouse Point, New Haven, Conneticut.

“Auntie do you see the light. It is blue. At first I thought it was my camera but it really is blue.” “This was the first time I every thought of light having color. ” Auntie replied.
It was bitter cold and they couldn’t believe they would be scoping out lighthouses.
Snow covered the park but the gates were opened.
After a cigarette and picture taking off they went for breakfast.
The GPS suggested a cafe downtown. Thinking of hot coffee and breakfast they forgot to question if there was heat. This upscale hippy cafe had no heat. Lovely windows, hot coffee but no heat.
As the niece Denise was getting into the car to take her turn driving she encountered a woman who had fallen on the ice. Her jeans ripped and she was extremely shook up. When she realized she was bleeding she started to hyperventilate. Denise remembered she had thrown a very small rag in the back seat. As she calmed the woman down and applied pressure to her bleeding, they ventured back into the cafe to use Auntie Jill’s first aid kit. They thought their adventure on this road trip would start in Daytona.
How many stories can they tell. The goal now was 95 stories traveling South route 95.
The unknown woman was touched by the niece Denise’s actions and their stories began.

Nursery School Photos

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These little ones put a smile on my face.

The Newton Bracelands

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Love photographing family and giving them a treasure for EVER!

Animoto – JW’s First year

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Johnnie comes for a visit!

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Johnnie comes to visit

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Need a new business image?

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