Welcome to our new blog site. “What is blogging?”, you ask? It is the new buzz to communication, and I am excited about starting a conversation with all my family & clients. Please stop by often and see what is happening in wonderful Wayland.
I am finally settling down in my new home atmosphere and loving every minute of it. My brother Brian just finished painting the reception area. It is so bright and welcoming. I’ll post a photo when I get all the framed pictures hung up!

Please feel free to comment on this blog page. Let me know what kind of articles or tips you would like to see.
Enjoy the sunshine, watch the snow melt and don’t forget to feed the birds.

~ by Denise Passaretti on March 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Hey Denise…Wonderful post!!! I love the photo of the cardinal too. When I see a cardinal, I always feel more hopeful.

    I think an article on how to take better pictures of your kids- with the typical digital camera- would be helpful.
    Congratulations on your blog!

  2. Hey Denise!!
    Got my computer and moniter working again!
    The “Blog” looks great!!!
    I didn’t really look at the picture of the cardinal today, it looks “awesome”!!!
    As Ricky would say, “you go girl”!!!!!!
    Love you and see you Friday,

  3. Hi Denise, love the Blog! You did a great job. Have a wonderful day, and tell Fred to get ready to fish. You go girl! Dennis and Bonnis

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